Publications and Other Contributions

Journal – Editorial Boards

  • Journal: PLoS One
    Role: Academic Editor, HIV Section
  • Journal: AIDS Research and Treatment
    Role: Invited Lead Guest Editor, Special issue on point of care tests for HIV, related co-infections and blood borne infections
  • Journal: Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Diseases
    Role: Experts board member
    Year: 2013-present
  • Journal: Science OPEN
    Role: Editorial board member
    Year: 2013-present
  • Journal: Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research
    Role: Editorial board member
    Year: 2014-present
  • Journal: F1000 Research
    Role: HIV AIDS Clinical Section reviewer


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Book chapters

  1. Hepatitis and Point of Care
    Point of care diagnostics in Global Health
    Publishers: Springers
    Editor: Mark Sheppard
    Authors Nitika Pant Pai, Paul Lam, Robert Gao

Other publications (not peer-reviewed)

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