There is something better than science. That is science with a moral compass. Science that contributes to the social equity, science in the service of humanity.

William H Foege


Division of Clinical Epidemiology

McGill University Health Centre

McGill University

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
McGill University




Montreal Chest Institute

Infectious Diseases and Immunodeficiency
Montreal Chest Institute

Empowering Patients

My team and I created an open-source smartphone application and HIV self-test that can save time and increase screening, counseling and treatment rates. There is so much energy in giving knowledge and sharing knowledge. Knowledge only grows by sharing. That is the beauty of Open Access. It will grow, it has grown and there is great momentum.

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Interview with Nitika Pant Pai

Communities with limited wealth suffer of diseases in a way that many of us may never come to be confronted with. Poverty befriends disease, and many diseases befriend shame. Nitika Pant Pai knows this well and is dedicated to do something about it. She was one of the...


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Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada, is proud to have supported Dr. Pant Pai’s bold idea which could have such big impact on the lives of people with HIV. Dr. Pant Pai certainly is a Star in Global Health!

Peter A Singer, OC, MD, MPH, FRCPC, FRSC